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What tasks should a manager prioritize?

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Which tasks should be prioritized is the problem we face in allocating the limited resources available to us and in time management. There is no management without knowing what is right.

An organization has many stakeholders. These include our customers and clients, our company employees, our company service providers, and our company owners.

Among these four stakeholders, who should receive our priority is a crucial point in identifying priority work.

Some choose the owners and some the clients and forget the employees. Others select owners and employees and forget clients or customers.

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In a four-wheeled vehicle, removing one wheel resulted in an undrivable vehicle. Thus, the organization gets a similar dilapidated fate when one or two groups are removed.

Therefore, we should pay attention to these four parties. But an essential part of this is often our guests, customers, and clients. Because if they don’t come to us, the organization will collapse. Attracting visitors is the main challenge for managers.

That’s why some managers say, “Customers are kings.” Keeping the crown with the managers or company owners, and going to make the customers the king, is putting them on the bull. It is detrimental to the long-term survival of the organization as well as its growth. Therefore, it is essential to look at the issue of prioritization from a customer perspective, but in a balanced way, being sensitive to other stakeholders.

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