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Should top-level managers work at lower levels?

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There is no such thing as top-level work or low-level work. One can dismiss this topic by saying: So first, an explanation is needed.

What we call top-level work is the work expected from the top management, such as preparing an organization’s vision, preparing policies, creating methods, preparing and reorganizing organizational processes, and creating systems.

Low-level work is the work required for day-to-day operations.

You may remember that we said in one post that top-level managers should not do low-level work. If you understood that working at the lower level undermines the top management and therefore should not do such things, then you and we are wrong. We looked at it from that angle to get more efficiency.

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Let’s take an example and examine this in depth.
The manager walking into the establishment notices that a piece of the leaf has fallen. Should he pick it up and put it in the trash? Or should the cleaning department be called and show it to them and have them remove it? Which of these two is correct?

The first shows the manager’s concern for cleanliness. Keeping the organization clean is a responsibility at all levels. He says that he is also committed to it.

But with this communication, he expresses something else. Without assigning the responsibility to the designated people, they act outside their assigned role without pointing out that they have avoided fulfilling the duty.

The first communication is good, and the second is terrible. How can the former be demonstrated without avoiding the latter?

Check if the cleaner is nearby when you see the piece of paper. It determines whether the officer is engaged in critical work to fulfill other responsibilities. Call and ask him to supervise better. But if he is involved in a more urgent task, even a top-level manager, pick it up and remove it. It is to be pointed out to other employees and officers that it is everyone’s responsibility to intervene appropriately in such a situation.

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Picking a leaf or engaging in other low-level tasks is “right” or “wrong” according to the situation and environment in which the job does perform. We cannot abstract from the context and ask about its good and evil. Many management books and lectures highlight one aspect of this. Then only one profile is captured. That advice is terrible when the above task is done habitually or in an inappropriate environment. As a top-level manager, it is damaging to your personality. Do not confuse this with your modesty.

It is imperative to give careful advice about management. The words that come from your mouth and your body’s behavior should be well controlled.

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