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People who work like machines

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Most people don’t want to deal with machines but with people. That’s because they can’t be machined to make a small move in a transaction by presenting their grievances and because it makes it impossible to hear and know something.

That’s why many people have a negative feeling about voice mail on the phone. The harsh mechanicalness in it sometimes brings a negative sense about the institution.

Some people you meet in some organizations are like machines. I am going to tell a story about such a machine.

A friend of ours who was working in the government went abroad after receiving a scholarship from the government. His wife, who was staying in Sri Lanka, could collect his salary by filling and submitting Form D. If she had received that and the life certificate from the foreign agency, she could have taken her husband’s salary. While receiving the compensation, she could not claim the August salary due to misplacing the life certificate sent in the following August. September life certificate obtained and hence she received September salary. The institute advises getting a life certificate from her husband again to get the August salary.

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An accountant of the company gave the notification. That too, after a very kind explanation.

It is written in the company code that “no salary without life assurance.” Salary paid as September had a “life assurance.” August’s salary is non-exempt because there was no “life assurance” for August.

What is this but a machine?
Not just a machine; She is a last-level machine that cannot think one layer deeper.

Instead of a machine, a man is needed in a place like this to think a little. If he had made the slightest effort to believe that the reason he was eligible to receive a life certificate in September was because of living in August, he would have realized that.

Low-level machines cannot think like that. Scholars are appointed to these positions to believe. But those who, within the limits of their duty, are unwilling or unable to take little or no risk demand the pound of flesh, pointing to the interpretations of the law book to the last word. TIt is because they do not know how to think and have not learned to think.
A proverb used in society: “a lie cannot wake up those who are sleeping.”

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Organizations have to make such machines human. If that happens, the people who come to the institutions and get the services will undoubtedly get a better service.

But now, in today’s world, with the development of artificial intelligence, machines are being created that can think close to humans.

However, this is what I wanted to explain to you here. As officers working in an organization, we must abide by the rules and regulations of the organization. But let’s assume that we can provide honest service to the customer in a way that does not violate the powers within the limits of our responsibility. So we should not hesitate to do it. It is vital to your career future and the company’s growth.

Don’t be a bureaucrat who works like a machine. Be an officer who leads the brain and acts accordingly.

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