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Leaders who can’t stand clapping for the team

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The audience applause goes to the actors who act on the stage and show their magic, not those who directed the comedy. What can happen if a designer or director who can’t handle this applause jumps to the middle of the stage, considering it as he deserves it? Sometimes it’s getting boos instead of clapping. In such situations, the leadership characteristics of a leader can be easily observed.

The role of the leader is to create a platform where the team members can perform well. Enjoy watching them perform, being humble and proud, together with the audience, encouraging them. If the actors feel that it is their creation at the end of the film, then it will be a successful creation.

But some leaders can’t stand it when someone on their team gets too much feedback.

They want to take individual credit for a successful design with the contributions of team members. That’s why he puts extra effort into showing his shape. He tries to put others aside and rise to the top. It highlights the extent of their leadership. It is saying that the team was successful because of him and only because of his ability. Sometimes it tries to read through the team when it’s not read.

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In contrast, a true leader highlights the contributions of teammates behind success. The real secret of success is their contribution.

The success of the first type of leader mentioned above is more likely to not go beyond the first creation, while the second type of leader earns a chance of continuous success.

Whoever leads behind the scenes, takes on the role of facilitator, stays behind to set up when needed without being in front, and credits the team for success will be the one who will be able to lead long-term.

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