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A businessman’s burning question – What can I do better?

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Bill Gates became a successful businessman by discovering the most helpful thing he could do for society. He is thriving as a businessman because he can do what he can do better than anyone else.

There is a problem that many people in business miss. That is, how to make a profit as a businessman and how to maximize that profit. The reason is the fact mentioned above.

So it is essential to ask the right question. Only if you raise the right question will you get the correct answer.

A business’s “mission statement” is formulated accordingly.

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If someone is already doing the job and you can’t do it better than him, there is no point in taking on the job.

Sometimes a business proposition is born through building a business that supports a successful entrepreneur. Some businessmen have started an escort business and achieved many successes. It is worth more than poorly copying someone else’s business. And it’s worth more than engaging in a snare-pulling contest with them.

Profit is an inevitable by-product of a good business. It is also a necessary condition for the continuation of the business and its long-term survival. Behind the service we provide, there should be a total commitment to it.

Suppose there is no essential service to provide and we cannot provide the service better. In that case, there is no point in having expectations of profit.

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