Management for what?

Management for what and for whom?

If the amount of resources we have is limited and the amount of work we have to do is unlimited, then there is a management point. Management is essential for anyone facing such challenges.

Its legacy and influence are not limited to the elite managerial class, for everyone facing the above challenge. All of them can benefit from it.

Management principles can help decide which unlimited tasks should be prioritized and how the selected tasks can be done most efficiently.


Place the ladder against the wall.

Get on it quickly.

I saw it when I looked up

That the ladder is placed against the wrong wall.

Many organizations seem to climb the ladder quickly. But they have tried to climb the wrong wall. Even though efficiency has been achieved, they are ineffective.

Some put the ladder to the right wall but delay climbing. No climbing it. We climbed it very slowly like a tortoise walking. Effectiveness can rightly be expected, but efficiency cannot. Or just a little.

Where both effectiveness and efficiency can be achieved, management is done correctly.

Therefore, doing the right thing, doing the tasks correctly, and proper management occur where both are combined.

Management for what? That is to fulfill the above.